Five Tips on How to Make the Most Use from Outsourcing Software Development to Ukraine

Ukraine has a reach pool of tech talents providing the largest number of engineers in Europe. With over 110k software development engineers, 1,000 software development companies, and 100 Research and Development centers, this Eastern European country has been acknowledged as a global outsourcing software player. Even more, StackOverFlow says they have over 200k active users from Ukraine, also including students which grants Ukrainian IT industry a bright future.

And this is probably, its strongest side: engineering. Skill Value puts Ukraine on the place eight in the global ranking and Global Sourcing Association has announced Ukraine to the Top Offshoring Destination 2017.

While come of biggest companies are enterprise-oriented, the vast majority of outsourcing development companies are happy to help startups overcome technological challenges and the more sophisticated technical solution is needed. Combine this with top skills and relatively low wages and you get a perfect match. This sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Potential pitfalls lie in the discrepancies between technical and business challenges. While having similar cultural background, differences may occur in making companies’ owners, their employees, and clients motivated. What makes the other party feel excited: Revenue growth? Reputation? Learning new technologies? Growth of user base? All of those?

Finding a reliable startup development team is hard but possible. Just it needs alignment of interests for all participants.

Here is some advice how to turn outsourcing software development in Ukraine to your powerful secret weapon that makes possible to launch top-notch software for a reasonable price.

  1. Do not buy cheap unless you know what you do. How do company’s rates differ from its competitors’? Any price has its reasons and it cannot be the quality level.

While Ukraine has a relatively low cost of living, it is not the cheapest point of destination. There are India, South-Eastern Asia, and China offer cheaper hourly rates. Therefore, the question is in the reason for the price: low skills, lack of managerial talents, or anything else? As result, it might be too hard to support high working culture on a project. Also, hourly prices of good Indian firms are quite similar to those in Ukraine.

  1. Look for strong engineering background. Although unlikely to be the cheapest on the market in the term of hourly rates, they affect total development costs making it cheaper than companies with lower prices due to less time needed to create and launch the product but also ensuring app maintainability and scalability from scratch saving businesses costs in the future. How many senior developers are there in the company? How big is the junior-to-senior ratio? What is technological focus? Do developers experiment with new approaches and new technologies?
  2. Find a team with a proven record. How do you suppose to know this is a high-performing team? Ask for references and case studies; look at portfolio. This is fine when they had a project similar to yours’ or worked for the same industry. But in the first line, your prospective team must provide you with success stories of projects completed on time and budget within specified scope.

If you like what you see, ask them for an estimate for your project or provide a small testing task to see how they much interest they show and how they can handle it.

  1. Provide transparency. Always, team’s motivation depends on the client too.

When you set your team clear goals by telling them what you expect from software and from them you help them keep pace on the project. Also, providing an honest feedback you support the culture of dialogue and you can count on honest response ensuring issues will be detected and eliminated, and the project does not stuck half-baked.

  1. Instant communication is the key. Your presence, even Skype-based, matters.

When you discuss constantly the progress of your project comparing the to-do and done lists with project manager and leading developers, this helps you and your team determine priorities and ensuring you meet deadline.

Also, a business trip to your team’s location makes much sense. It is especially important on the initial phase helping you sync with each other thus, saving time during development stage.

To sum up, while it might be sound challenging finding a reliable development partner in Ukraine is a realistic thing due to evolved IT industry as there are many talented engineers happy to handle interesting projects.


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