The Coolest Things You Can Do with Your Smart Speakers

The Coolest Things You Can Do with Your Smart Speakers

Amazon Echo and Google Home are there not only to answer your questions. They can do so much more and definitely make your life easier as well as add fun to it.

If you own one of them, you probably do what most users do: check the weather, play some music, and ask trivia questions. That’s fine because it’s one of the reasons they exist. But don’t you want to find out what it can really do?

Not many people realize they can automate their daily routine with Alexa or Google. You can set up some things the speakers will do every day after hearing a certain trigger. For example, when you say good morning to your speaker, it will deliver you the weather forecast or the local news. Or you can set the alarm clock and your speaker will start your day with your favorite songs, radio, or other preferences.

If you have the speakers set all around the house, you can announce things and Alexa will broadcast them on all speakers. Now there is no need to yell that the dinner is ready since Alexa will deliver this message to every speaker in the house. Google Home can do similar things and even remotely (if you have the app).

The Coolest Things You Can Do with Your Smart Speakers

It might seem weird but you can call anyone from your contacts who also have an Amazon Echo and talk totally for free. Absolutely hands-free calls are already the reality.

Both Alexa and Google Home allow you to shop with your voice. You can add items to your cart and review later or you can order food delivery. Alexa allows you to shop only on Amazon (big surprise) but the Prime Members have an extra benefit. They can discover the best deals by simply asking about them.

People who learn a new language can improve their language skills since both smart speakers can translate to more than 30 languages.

In addition, the speakers can tell jokes, play games with you (even with multiple players), help you meditate, etc.

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