Facebook is Going to Become New Tinder

Facebook is Going to Become New Tinder

The social network is launching the dating app amid handling the case with the users’ privacy.

Facebook Dating will become your new match-maker. This won’t be a separate thing but just an extra feature in the main app. However, the users will have to create a separate profile and add some of their information and pictures there. Once you are done, you’ll see the list of profiles that might be interesting for you. Tap the ones you find attractive or interesting. You won’t see any of your Facebook friends there (they assume you are already acquainted).

The app differs from the similar ones like Tinder or Bumble because it’s focused on creating long-term relationships.

The service surprised people and created a lot of controversy around it. That’s because its CEO has been scrutinized over the users’ data been recorded and used for ads. Some people find it concerning to share the data with the dating app. Nevertheless, the developers assure the data won’t be taken for targeting and once you delete the dating profile, all the data will be erased, period.

Facebook is Going to Become New Tinder

The possible inspiration for this feature was the statistics. According to it, at least 200 million people choose the status “single” on their Facebook profile.

Facebook dating also stands out by another interesting addition. The users will be able to reach its Events and Groups and then find a company to go to a concert, for example. Moreover, you can probably find a person you met at an event last week, month, etc.

Nevertheless, it has some limits, too. Just like in Tinder you can text when the both swipe right, Facebook allows you to leave the message to the person you like. The connection isn’t made until the other person responds.

Facebook has clearly decided to add the new meaning to connecting people.

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